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The RDP is regularly maintained with the latest hardware. We offer 1-10 Gbps port speeds to all of our customers. We are the best in the field and that is why so many people purchase RDP from us. The prices we offer are also very competitive!

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Additionally, we offer RDP packages such as Residential RDP, Streaming RDP, Botting and Encoding RDP, which are equipped with the latest generation Intel E5 CPU, NVIDIA GPU, and ECC RAM. On the software side, we offer all versions of Windows operating systems, including Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10, and Windows 7.

02 Core's 04GB 2.40 GHz
upto 3.60GHz
45GB Yes, 1IPv4 Unlimited 100Mbp/S $10.92/month
On sale - Save 30%
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04 Core's 04GB 2.40 GHz
upto 3.60GHz
50GB Yes, 1IPv4 Unlimited 100Mbp/S $13.98/month
On sale - Save 30%
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04 Core's 06GB 2.40 GHz
upto 3.60GHz
65GB Yes, 1IPv4 Unlimited 100Mbp/S $16.99/month
On sale - Save 30%
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08 Core's 12GB 2.40 GHz
upto 3.60GHz
95GB Yes, 1IPv4 Unlimited 300Mbp/S $59.39/month
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What is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) lets you use a desktop computer remotely. The most common remote desktop protocol is RDP, but other protocols like ICA and VNC can be used as well. Originally released by Microsoft, RDP is available for Windows, but it can also be used on Macs.

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Scalable, Fast and Secure DDoS Protected, Cheap VPS with Windows 2012

NOT Allowed: IP Spoofing, IP header modification, IP hijacking, GameServer, Phishing & Fraud , Email Spamming or SMTP Spam or Bulk Emails Outgoing , Any kind of VPN that use high bandwidth or CPU, Fascism & Terrorism, Crypto Mining, Sending (D)DoS attacks, and also Child Pornography

Best-in-Class Hardware

Best-in-Class Hardware

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24/7 Technical Support

What about VPS 1Gbp/S Unlimited Bandwidth

If your normal download speed is less than 200Mbps, which is about 65TB monthly, then your bandwidth will be unmetered by default across all plans. For an additional $85 per month, you can get 1Gbp/S unlimited bandwidth, which will increase your monthly transfer capacity to 500Tb. Consider one of our dedicated servers if you require more bandwidth; with multiple 10Gbps ports, you can get as much bandwidth as you need.

Cheap rDP with Admin Features

WarezServer's spoofing packages offer Linux experts Enterprise-grade hardware, fast performance, and free DDOS protection. Use our vps hosting with full root access and a variety of operating systems like CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu to create a customized server hosting environment.


Using the best RAID-10 SSD hardware. Our servers' read/write speeds are always fast. Drive faster? NVMe offerings.

Full Root Access

Our VPSs have root access. Access isn't limited. We know customers may want to change configurations.


Resell our services? Okay. Our services are white-labeled. You can sell our services without mentioning our company.


The hardware for our Managed and Unmanaged lines is the same. To make sure that everything is the same, we use the same enterprise-grade hardware on all of our platforms.


All servers get free DDoS protection up to 3 Tbps (3000 Gbps) for attacks that use a lot of bandwidth or packets. We take protecting servers from network-based attacks just as seriously as you do.


Yes. Our Unmanaged VPSs can run many Linux distributions. Current offerings: CentOS 7, AlmaLinux 8, Ubuntu 16 LTS , Ubuntu 18 LTS, Ubuntu 20 LTS, Debian 9, Debian 10

Available in our Data Centers! Multiple Datacenter Locations

Our services can be deployed in any of the Data Centers nearest to you!

You will be able to choose a location upon ordering a new Web Hosting package with Hostera!

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