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Bulletproof Servers for Phishing, Spoofing Allowed

We provide fully offshore & bulletproof quality hosting solutions with spoofing enabled for the right price.

  • Blazing 01 Dell & HP
    PROCESSOR 1x Xeon (1) Core
    DISK 40 GB NVMe
    ROPE 1 Piece
    TRAFFIC 100 Mbit/S Unshared


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  • Bullet 02 Dell & HP
    PROCESSOR 1x Xeon (2) Core
    DISK 45 GB NVMe
    ROPE 1 Piece
    TRAFFIC 100 Mbit /S Unshared


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  • Bullet 03 Dell & HP
    PROCESSOR 2x Xeon (4) Core
    DISK 50 GB NVMe
    ROPE 1 Piece
    TRAFFIC 100 Mbit /S Unshared


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  • Bullet 04 Dell & HP
    PROCESSOR 2x Xeon (4) Core
    DISK 150 GB NVMe
    ROPE 1 Piece
    TRAFFIC 1 Gbit /S Unshared


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History of Bulletproof VPS Hosting!

In 2006, VeriSign security researchers discovered the Russian Business Network, an ISP that hosted a phishing group responsible for approximately $150 million in phishing-related scams, and Bulletproof Hosting (BPH) became the subject of study for the first time. Botnets, child pornography, and ID theft were also commonplace after RBN gained notoriety. After then-Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs revealed the truth about McColo on his Security Fix blog, the following year, both Global Crossing and Hurricane Electric cut off service to the web hosting provider responsible for more than 75% of global spam Bit still there are some underground Spoofed VPS with IPHM Enabled which you can buy from WarezServers. We only need Valid email ID, No need any personal information to buy service from us.

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Scalable, Fast and Secure IPHM Enabled, Spoofed VPS

Common examples of malicious content hosted on BPHS include phishing domains, torrent file hosting sites, Blackhat SEO dummy domains, brute force tools, command and control components, and more.

Best-in-Class Hardware

Best-in-Class Hardware

Upgrade or Downgrade

24/7 Technical Support

How is Bulletproof Hosting Different from Regular Web Hosting?

Bulletproof VPS Hosting companies are more flexible about what can be hosted on their servers than regular web hosts. It's "don't ask, don't tell." Bulletproof hosting services are often found in countries with less strict content and extradition laws, making it easier to evade law enforcement. Different country laws create a grey area that allows owners to claim immunity for what their customers host.

Many owners of these facilities consider them a customer service. Many hosting servers have massive amounts of data, making it difficult to track customer movements. Banhoff Hosting's John Karlung says, "A mailman doesn't read the mail, he just delivers it." He claims his hosting is legal and that any illegal activity is his customers' fault. He advocates for customer privacy and requires a warrant to remove his servers.

Spoofing VPS Features

WarezServer's spoofing packages offer Linux experts Enterprise-grade hardware, fast performance, and free DDOS protection. Use our vps hosting with full root access and a variety of operating systems like CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu to create a customized server hosting environment.


Using the best RAID-10 SSD hardware. Our servers' read/write speeds are always fast. Drive faster? NVMe offerings.

Full Root Access

Our VPSs have root access. Access isn't limited. We know customers may want to change configurations.


Resell our services? Okay. Our services are white-labeled. You can sell our services without mentioning our company.


The hardware for our Managed and Unmanaged lines is the same. To make sure that everything is the same, we use the same enterprise-grade hardware on all of our platforms.


All servers get free DDoS protection up to 3 Tbps (3000 Gbps) for attacks that use a lot of bandwidth or packets. We take protecting servers from network-based attacks just as seriously as you do.


Yes. Our Unmanaged VPSs can run many Linux distributions. Current offerings: CentOS 7, AlmaLinux 8, Ubuntu 16 LTS , Ubuntu 18 LTS, Ubuntu 20 LTS, Debian 9, Debian 10

Available in our Data Centers! Multiple Datacenter Locations

Our services can be deployed in any of the Data Centers nearest to you!

You will be able to choose a location upon ordering a new Web Hosting package with Hostera!

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