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Our Unmetered Kvm VPS Powered by EPYC 7571 / Xeon E5-2680, 1 Gbps Port, No Speed Limits. Choose OS or Install it from .ISO

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NOT Allowed: IP Spoofing, IP header modification, IP hijacking, GameServer, Phishing & Fraud , Email Spamming or SMTP Spam or Bulk Emails Outgoing , Any kind of VPN that use high bandwidth or CPU, Fascism & Terrorism, Crypto Mining, Sending (D)DoS attacks, and also Child Pornography

02 Core's 04GB 2.40 GHz
upto 3.60GHz
45GB Yes, 1IPv4 Unlimited 100Mbp/S $10.92/month
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04 Core's 04GB 2.40 GHz
upto 3.60GHz
50GB Yes, 1IPv4 Unlimited 100Mbp/S $13.98/month
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04 Core's 06GB 2.40 GHz
upto 3.60GHz
65GB Yes, 1IPv4 Unlimited 100Mbp/S $16.99/month
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08 Core's 12GB 2.40 GHz
upto 3.60GHz
95GB Yes, 1IPv4 Unlimited 300Mbp/S $59.39/month
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Our never-overloaded servers will speed up your website. We use optimized, secure server hardware.

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Try our fast hosting. If you're not happy within 03 days, we'll refund your fees. Only BTC, USDT payment

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cPanel, CloudLinux, and Softaculous are what we rely on. Every tool you'll ever need is already part of our suite.

Daily OFF-Site Backups

Data security is essential. On shared hosting plans, we do daily OFF-Site backup and offer dedicated backup.

100% Uptime Guaranteed

We have a solid SLA to back up our guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing it will be upheld.

What is a KVM VPS?

VMs can be created on a computer or server using Kernel-based Virtualization Machines. Basically, it transforms the Linux kernel into what's known as a hypervisor - software that creates and runs virtual machines.Hardware-assisted virtualization is provided by KVM. The host's hardware resources are used to create full virtualization. With full virtualization, users have their own hardware resources and can run their own operating systems. Their main advantage is that they operate in full isolation from each other and from the host.There are lots of applications for full virtualization. Security researchers use it to monitor malicious software's behavior without risking their real machines. It's used by developers to test their products.
Basically, you get a dedicated server for a fraction of the price. VPS's come with guaranteed hardware resources. The server won't be overloaded by anyone else and your website won't be affected. You won't get hit by cyberattacks and malware infections on neighboring accounts on the same machine, and your dedicated IP won't be blacklisted.

Is a KVM VPS compatible with any operating system?

By using KVM, you are able to create fully virtualized machines and virtual private servers that are completely independent of one another. It is possible to install almost any operating system using this method. You should check with your hosting provider, however, to see if the OS you wish to use is supported.

What is Unmetered VPS?

A VPS that offers unlimited server resources and storage space is known as an unmetered VPS. This means you don't have to worry about costs with a VPS. Using a VPS is also great for websites and applications. You can run a lot of servers or run a server without worrying about costs with an unmetered VPS.

Is Unmetered VPS Real?

Honestly, it depends. Mostly it depends on the hosting provider. There are some who advertise unmetered but oversell their hardware and bandwidth. Others advertise as unmetered but only offer 10 to 100Mbps (remember the straw). Some people are very transparent on this topic, like us. In fact, our whole business model revolves around unmetered hosting. Since our beginning, we’ve started offering 1Gbps and 10Gbps unmetered dedicated servers. And gradually this allowed us to migrate our VPS business model from VPS with limited traffic to unmetered.

What is the Difference Between Unlimited and Unmetered?

It's really important to know what bandwidth is before we talk about it. In simple terms, bandwidth is how much data you can send from your server to the user's browser when they visit your site. There's a limit to how much bandwidth or capacity you can use on the web. You have to pay for bandwidth and disk space. According to technical terms, bandwidth refers to the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted through a network per unit of time. Unmetered bandwidth refers to the speed of data-transfer, but unlimited bandwidth refers to the amount of data you can download or upload in a given period of time

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